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Drake Drops A New Mixtape, Listen RIGHT HERE

When we first heard that Drake was planning on dropping a mixtape, we were expecting it to be free. After the shock project hit the web via iTunes , many weren't positive what to call it. Drake later confirmed himself that it was in fact a mixtape. Some new data has surfaced, revealing that releasing it without cost was the plan from the leap.

As with other shock albums, Drake used very little promo, instead counting on no matter buzz phrase-of-mouth would create. Another surely meant consequence of this sales strategy is that Drake offered the leak of his album earlier than anybody else might, releasing it digitally before If Your Reading This Drake it had a chance to leak or appear in the physical type. One Justin Tinsley was in such a rush to listen to the new Drake album that he bought it, on his phone, while at work as a result of the 15 or so minutes we spent waiting for a obtain link have been just an excessive amount of.

The rapper's latest collection, which recollects both the release methodology and success of Beyonce's self-titled album — dropped with out warning in December 2013 — fuels the speculation surrounding Drake's attainable departure from his label, Money Money Records. The release of “If You are Studying This” might have fulfilled his last contractual obligation to Cash Cash, leaving Drake free to launch his upcoming “Views From the 6,” his fourth studio album (due out later this year), on his own label.

Following the No. 1 debuts of Drake's past three full-size efforts (including Nothing , which moved 658,000 its first week), this "speaks to the recognition of Drake and the curiosity that his followers have in his music, particularly contemplating that this album hasn't been positioned as a traditional studio album," says Billboard 's affiliate director of charts/sales Keith Caulfield. Whether or not you see it as an "unofficial album" or a "mixtape" (as Drake referred to it on Twitter ), "promoting this many copies this present day in such a short amount of time is pretty incredible."

Too Late is just not get together music, it is a soundtrack for contemplation. It feels like a psychological exercise at time to catch every reference and notice each double-entendre. You won't catch all the pieces after the primary pay attention, and everybody won't like it. It's thought-upsetting and may be emotionally intrusive. However that's what Drake does — he makes you think, and ponder, and marvel at his lyrical capabilities. Drake makes #feels music, with or with out singing. It is Drake unfiltered, something that we rarely see. It could be Drake Music in its purest type. And that is what we want right now.

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